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The following resources are some of the best on the web for promoting your online business. Please feel free to take advantage of any of these offers. 

I will be adding to this page frequently. Check back often to see the new programs.

What can you do to get in the top of the search engines fast with cheap, targeted traffic to your web site?  

First answer... pay-per-click search engines!

Our Pay-Per-Click-Boosting Traffic to Your Web Site by Barbara Chick is a Free downloadable tutorial that will teach you all the techniques that the successful high traffic companies use. This is a beginning tutorial for the small business owner, but it contains highly advanced concepts for anyone interested in using pay-per-click search engines to generate traffic for their online business. Don't even think about using pay-per-click search engines without reading this tutorial. There are 32 pages with eleven full-color screen shots, sixteen hot tips, along with 6 working applications for you to develop your campaign. This comprehensive tutorial is designed to take you step-by-step through the process with Overture and other pay-per-click search engines, and you will learn the best internet-accessible traffic building tools that are most effective to save you hours of time. This tutorial is a must for you to boost traffic to your site.

Google Adwords - This is the #1 PayPerClick company on the internet today. Do NOT jump into this without thorough research and a complete understanding of how your account functions. It is possible to be quite successful with Adwords if you don't get carried away. Be stingy with your daily budget $5 to begin with. The cost to open a starter account is $5. You can fund your account with as much or as little as you wish. Choose your keywords carefully, drill down to keywords or phrases specific to your site. Be careful, if you select "broad" for your keyword then it may come up more often than you think. Also, you need to give real thought to your ad to be sure it will entice the viewers to click on your link. This advertising medium can be complicated, so if you need help with this, give me a call at my toll-free number and I will help you set up your campaign.

One more tidbit here. If you are showing Adsense Ads on your site, you cannot promote it with Adwords. It violates the TOS. You will lose your Adsense account and any money you have accumulated.

Traffic Exchanges - If you are trying to build a downline then a well designed splash page in a few traffic exchanges may be a good option. There are quite a large number of traffic exchange programs to choose from. Everything from straight forward and simple to complex and complicated. I prefer the straight forward and simple ones myself. Here are a few for you to check out. This is another place you cannot advertise a page with Adsense ads. Your account will closed without notice. Most of these TE's have a message on their site telling you not to enter a site with adsense ads.

ILoveHits - Well established with a large membership.

LotsMoreHits - Well established with a large membership.

Xing - This exhange is only a few years old but is building up nicely.

Vinterchange - Well established with a large membership.

Hit2Hit - Well established with a large membership. 

StartXChange - One of the first online with 55,500+ members.

TrafficRoundup -Well established with a large membership - one of my favorites.

TrafficSoldiers - This exchange has only been online for a few years but is highly ranked by the guru's.

HitSafari - Another large exchange with 32,000+ members.




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Opt-In Email Safelists If you intend to build your business on the internet then you must get your message out. The easiest and safest method is email marketing through opt-in safelists. Unless you're prepared to suffer the consequences of "SPAM" complaints, never - ever purchase email lists. Send your promotions to people that have signed up from your site, as a reply to those that send you information you didn't request (SPAM), and to opt-in safelists. The link above will take you to our User's Guide for SafeList Marketing. You can join all of our double opt-in lists through our DreamMakers Advertising Exchange. To find other safelists to join, enter the keywords "free safelist" in a Google search. 

add urlIf you have a website you want to promote, you should check out SelfPromotion.com. It's a resource for do-it-yourselfers where you can learn to prepare your pages for the search engines, then use a sophisticated url submission robot to submit your web pages to all the important search engines and directories. You'll also find tutorials about website promotion, submitting to yahoo, and much more. Best of all, you can use the site for free -- if you like it, pay what YOU think it's worth! The guy who runs it has reinvented tipping!

EList-Hosting  ...Owning a Safelist Makes Sense... You have a subscriber base to send your offers to as well as another source of income. Start your own safelist with a professional hosting service, first quality servers, superior support, and all at a price you can afford? Choose from Melinda's Bargain Basement or one of the Premium Hosting options and get the same efficient, friendly support.

SafeLists are one of the best ways to get your adverts out to thousands but it takes forever! How long does it take you to post a message to just 1 safe list, lets say about 3 minutes, now if you have 100 safe lists to post to ? ... A LONG TIME! 

The solution is "Submitters" and there are quite a number online to choose from so how do you determine which one to use. Do a google search for "online safelist submitters" or "safelist submitter software" and you will have more options that anyone needs.

Listed below are two different types with different cost ranges. Pick the one best suited to your computer skill and needs.

iPostAd - (Web-based) NO Downloads!
Everything is automatic, you just enter your info and the messages you want to send and iPostAd does the rest.  They have two levels of membership, Master Level is $12.95 and Freshman Level is $6.95 per month.

SafeListBoys ... (The original safelist submitter! Software download required.) A Fully-Automated Safelist Poster with an AutoJoin and AutoPost Wizard that sends your ads ANYTIME, to ANY SUPPORTED LISTS, whether you're at the PC or not! Your days of manually posting are gone forever! For only $4.99 per month with NO SETUP FEES!


Internet Marketing Training
Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to? Get step-by-step training and support from experienced Internet marketers… and for a lot less than you might think!


BannersGoMLM is the only banner exchange program I currently use.

All of the Traffic Exchange Programs and some safelists offer a banner exchange or rotation on their sites and these are the ones I use now.



How to Start Your Own Internet Business
Discover the “missing ingredient” that thousands of people with no technical know-how or Internet marketing experience have used to start their own moneymaking Internet businesses from scratch…


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