Selecting And Starting A Home-based Business

Home Office Marketing Services offers the following step-by-step instructions for selecting and starting your own home-based business on the internet.

The selection process:

In order to be sure the business you select is one that will be successful and profitable, you must be sure that it fits YOU!

What does that mean?

Very simply it means that you need to have a genuine interest in the activity of that business. 

Does it sell a product or service that you are confident is a good value for the price? This is really important if you are to be sincere when you recommend it to your customers. 

Is the product or service easily sold on the internet and if not, that means you must be able to sell it in your local area. 

Are you willing to put forth the effort to call on your local businesses and residents? If not, then you should concentrate on businesses that rely on the internet for sales. 

Take your time making your decision and don't jump into several at the same time. It is great to have multiple income streams but concentrate on one at a time. When your first business is completely setup and running easily, then look for a second that will be compatible with the first. It is easier to market two businesses that compliment each other than two that are totally different.

Beginning Step:

The first thing you need to do after selecting your business is to determine which method of marketing is needed.

What is the difference?

If you sign up as an agent or representative for a business similar to Commission River or The Limu Company, you will be given a free website to promote your products/services. This website is a replicated website with your affiliate link embedded. Some of these sites can be submitted to the search engines. Others will not be accepted by the search engines due to having a "?" in the url address. This is an issue with Commission River but not with The Limu Company. Not all companies use the same method for affiliate tracking. 

If you decide to go for affiliate marketing with a company like Commission Junction or LinkShare you really need to establish your own website to display your affiliate links or you will have to rely on banner advertising (we will discuss this later). Establishing your own site is not as easy as it sounds and a considerable amount of research will need to be conducted in order to select the right companies and products. Your website will have to be built around these products and services. For instance, you might decide to promote gambling and entertainment sites. A good site to establish would be a portal site for just that purpose. A considerable amount of promotion would be necessary in order to drive the necessary traffic to your site to make it successful. Be sure you check out the commission or fee each of the companies is willing to pay you for a referral to their site.

There are other things to consider in determining your marketing methods and as you explore the possibilities of each company, you will have additional questions on how that particular program should be promoted. Send me an email with a link to the site and I will personally check it out and send you my evaluation and suggestions.

From this point you will need to go to one of the links below to continue:

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