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Web Hosting

If you want to have your own business online then you really need to have your own domain and website.  

Our HOMS Hosting can give you the support you need to set up your site, maintain it and get it listed in the search engines.  Our packages start at just $4.50 per month.  

If you need someone to design your site for you, Dreammakers Web Design services are extremely affordable. Even better than affordable is Free and if you send an email to Dreammakers Web  after signing up for a hosting account at HOMS Hosting, I will design your site for free.


Here is a list of hosting companies that offer FREE sites. You can find others by entering "free web hosting" in the Google search window. The majority of free hosting sites will also have ads showing at the top of your site. You have no control over the content of those ads so be careful with the company you select.

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