Establishing Your Business Plan

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Write Down Your Goals!

This appears to be the simplest part in our process and is probably the most overlooked. This is however, the second most important step to starting a strong business.

One of the toughest entities we must deal with in this business is OURSELVES. Self-improvement is ongoing for us in the Network Marketing Industry and is vital to our success. One thing we must do is begin believing we WILL have the things we want in life, that our current situation is not offering us.

Realize what changes you want to make and what goals you want to achieve. Now write your goals down and look at them on a daily basis. This will begin to create, in your mind, the idea that you WILL WILL make a are worthy of success.

After you have your goals down on paper, take pictures out of magazines, make copies of the floor plans of your dream home, whatever your goals are...YOU NEED TO MAKE THEM VISUAL!

Then put them in a place where you will see them regularly (by your computer, on your mirror, the visor of your car, beside your bed, on the refrigerator, etc.). These are the visuals that will remind you WHY you came into this business.

All these things may seem meaningless and strange, but realize that it feels that way because it is outside your normal way of doing things. Your boss at work has most likely never told you to find a picture of your dream home because he does not want to train you to be more successful than he is. He wants you to continue to be a good, loyal, BROKE employee.

We want you to be more successful than us...IT ONLY MAKES SENSE! Remember, also, that your goals can be adjusted as you go along... don't worry if you are getting close to the deadlines you set for yourself and you see you may not make it... re-adjust and get back to work!

Now Create A Business Plan!

You must have a business plan. This step will tie in directly with your goals and actually help you create tracks to run on.

After you have set your goals, you must figure out how much time you can put into your new business daily, weekly, and monthly. Use a calendar to come up with a set schedule for your new business.

You should create your first calendar to visually tie down times you know you will not be able to work your new business. These are times such as when you are at your full time job, when you have to pick up the kids from school or day-care, etc.

Know your existing schedule so you can merge your new schedule with it. After you have boxed out your existing schedule, decide how many of the remaining blocks you will fill each week building your new business. It is imperative that you have an idea of just how much time you have to spend working your new business.

At this point, the remainder of your plan will depend on the type of home business you have decided to build.   Once you have chosen your business, if you will send me an email with a contact number and time, I will be glad to help you put together the rest of your business plan which will cover the actual marketing of your business.



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